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1965 AH project

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1965 AH project


I have a 1965 MKIII that I will be un-burying soon in my garage. It has not been on the road for over 20 years, and has the engine out of it. I know little to nothing about these cars, but am going to start working on it with the intent to get it road-worthy again.

Any suggestions on where to start on this project, or topics such as common trouble areas, or other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

1965 AH Project

Ed, my first suggestion would be that before you disassemble anything, take a lot of photographs showing where it is installed, how it is installed, any wiring connections, fastener locations, etc. You can't take too many photos. If you don't, you'll be holding something in your hand later and wondering what it is and where it goes, which wiring terminal is the green wire connected to, and which is the black, etc.
Put smaller parts in plastic bags and label them to identify what they are. Include any fasteners in the bag with the part, or screw them back into their holes. Unless you are going for a nut-and-bolt restoration, disassemble and work on only one part of the car at a time.

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