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HBT7L serial number

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HBT7L serial number

I just purchased my first Austin Healey 1959 VIN HBT7L1008. I had it towed on a truck (hadn't been driven in years, and the clutch was stuck to the flywheel) to a friend's garage (he's rebuilt many antique cars, but never a Healey). He ordered the parts for a 100-6 for the repair and they wouldn't fit. When he gave the parts guy the VIN number he told my friend that my car is a 3000.
It has an Austin Healey 100-6 emblem on the grill, yet the information I have read says this is a Austin Healey 3000 MKI.
What gives?
HBT7L serial number

By now somebody probable answered this question. I own a an early 3000. Purchased in July of 1959 and it was registered by the dealer as a 1960 model. The early cars had no 3000 badges on them and did have disk brakes on the front They were recalled to have dust shields installed on the front wheels. Also, my Healy rear reflectors on this car have bubbles on them covering the reflectors.