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BN1/BN2 Fuel Tank Needed

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BN1/BN2 Fuel Tank Needed


I am looking for an good condition original fuel tank for a BN1/BN2. Any assistance or leads would be much appreciated.

This is for a 1955 BN1 that has been in my family since 1957 and has 39,000 original miles on it. The original tank was in perfect condition but developed a minor leak around the soldered underside sump pan. I had it repaired at by a fuel tank specialist and the tank was irreparably damaged after the repair and during ‘pressure testing’. I realize there are after market and replica options but I am looking for an original replacement.


Darel, I have the tank that I

Darel, I have the tank that I had replaced in my 1955 BN1. It has a rather nasty smelling fuel varnish inside and some surface rust. I have never had fluid in it so I can't tell you if it leaks. I am in Massachusetts. I can send photos of it if you send me and email to attach them to.