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Car Registry Form

Information shared with AHCA Registrars is held in a confidential manner. No information will be shared without the current recorded and verified owner permission. At times, past owners, or relatives of past owners, may seek to find information on their old Healey. If such a request is received for your car, no information is shared without your permission. A registrar will be in touch to discuss with you your willingness to share information and how much information is shared, if any. Information shared with AHCA will never be sold or shared with commercial entities for any purpose.

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Car Information

There is no other place where the continuous ownership history of these cars can be documented and preserved but this registry. Most owners are interested in the history of their cars but, since there has not been a place to record and preserve it until now, too much of that information on these 50+ year old vehicles has been lost. Most of this information has to come from the personal knowledge of individual owners, thus the registry desires to record as much as can be known about the ownership history of each car. Therefore, in the text area below, please indicate as much as you know, similar to the example below:

Example: Purchased 12 April 1984; Previous owner: Richard A. Gray, Newpost, NC (1 Feb 80 - 12 Apr 84); Previous Owner: Carl E. Melvin, Kinston, NC (12 Sep 77 - 1 Feb 80); etc...

Please provide any history of the car as you know it (Names, Addresses, Periods of ownership - day/month/year, if possible) of as many previous owners as possible.