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Source for information on Body, frame and engine numbers

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Source for information on Body, frame and engine numbers

I recently purchased my 1st Healey, 1967 BJ8. I am wanting to confirm all the original build numbers. Are there any numbers on the body other that the tag on the firewall. Is there a source where I can get the numbers that my car was built with? I also heard of a British authenticity certificate or some sort of pedigree for Healeys. Any information would be helpful.


I also bought a new BJ8, and plan to purchase chrome wire wheels for the car. Does anyone know what is the original size of the painted wheels, 15x4? Also, if I go to a 15x5 60 spoke chrome wheel, what is the appropriate tire size? Thanks - Mike T

Although my response is more than a year late, for the record: original wire wheels were 4.5 x 15. The standard size (radial) tire for the wheel is 165 -15. If you go with a 5" wide wheel, you probably want to use a 175 - 15 tire. Anything wider than that will cause scrubbing of the tire against the bodywork in a tight turn.
Source for Body, frame, and engine numbers

After more than a year, you've probably discovered the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, the source for the certificates that document all of the build details for BJ8s. However, the BJ8 Registry (of which I have been the keeper since 1998) has the BMIHT data for thousands of cars, so if you tell me your VIN I might be able to give you the data you're looking for without requiring you to purchase a certificate.
The original VIN was (in theory) stamped into the right front shock absorber mounting tower (photo examples can be provided if you contact me). The engine, body, gearbox, rear axle, and ignition key numbers are typically provided on the certificates.
Vehicle numbers

This summer I purchased a BJ8, so I'm also on the learning curve. There are several numbers on the vehicle and your best guide in finding them is in a Moss Motors catalog. Concerning the certificate you want "British Motor Industry Heritage Trust" google it and you can find out how to apply. Cost around $45, takes around 3 weeks to get.

The VIN on my 3000

On the plate on the firewall the VIN starts with a 4 not an H what is up with that?
Any chance you can post a

Any chance you can post a picture or provide the numbers you are looking at? There is always a chance the plate has been fabricated and does not represent what left the factory.

I think you are right.

There is another plate on the firewall in the center just above the oil pressure line that reads 3234bj8 under that number is 85 712. is this a correct number? I need some help with this. Thanks Tom
The plate you describe is the

The plate you describe is the body number plate. I believe the four-digit number (e.g., 3234bj8) is the Austin purchase order number and the second set of digits (e.g., 85712) is Jensen production body numbers.

Body number plate.

Thank you.
Re: Body Plate Number


With the body plate number, you may be able to confirm the VIN # through the British Motor Museum. It will cost a few bucks but is probably worth it. Head to this link ( ) and read more about it. You will need to provide all the information you can - including the above numbers - to get the best results.

Body Plate Number

Thanks for your advice. Got the info I needed.

passenger shock tower will have the serial number as will the pass floor