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I really need some help on buying decision

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I really need some help on buying decision

OK here is the deal. I am thinking of buying an Austin Healey like my very first car. But I am having a difficult time with how to get an good car. I am terrified that I'll get burned with a car with a rusted out scuttle, or fenders and shrouds eaten up with electrolysis, neither of which is really able to be visualized without removing fenders. I hear frames can rust from the inside. And of course there is the high cost of parts many of which must come from the UK that will inevitably need replaced on a 60 year old car. I joined the club partially because I think buying from a club member is the best way to get a good car, but that presumes that a club member has a good car I can afford so I'll be looking outside the club too. Hence my difficulty with this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.
What part of the country do

What part of the country do you live in? Your local/regional chapter is always a good place to start. Be sure to look at the classified ads in the Healey Marque every month. Generally, "Healey people" are very good people. In my experience, its the "non-Healey people" (that own/collect/sell Healeys) that are generally doing the burning...