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Conclave History

Since 1976, an annual Conclave has been hosted as the signature national event of the AHCA. The location moves each year allowing members to enjoy various parts of the United States and Canada, and each local region has the opportunity to bid for the privilege of hosting the Conclave.

This weeklong celebration takes place during the summer months (traditionally June or July) to take advantage of the warm days and cool nights, as well as to provide maximum access for members of any age to participate. The week consists of many events including: Gymkhana, Funkhana, Rally, Popular Car Show, Arts and Crafts, Ladies Tea and multiple banquets.

This annual celebration is like a family reunion with an average attendance of nearly 600 Healey fans and more than 200 Healeys. It’s a week you’ll never forget. The opportunity to tour the country in your Healey or alongside Healey owners (once again, regardless of whether you own a Healey or not, you’re welcome at Conclave!) is a fantastic experience. Knowing you have a rolling tech session and marque experts alongside you in case anything goes wrong gives you peace of mind, and knowing you have hundreds of friends waiting to greet you and enjoy the festivities of the week is a great payoff.

Conclaves held since 1976:

1976 Bloomington, IN
1977 Seven Springs, PA
1978 Louisville, KY
1979 Asheville, NC
1980 Toronto, Canada
1981 Fredricksburg, VA
1983 Oconomowoc, WI
1984 Snowshoe, WV
1985 Charlotte, NC
1986 Cincinnati, OH

1987 Harrisburg, PA
1988 Shangri-La, OK
1989 Niagara Falls, Canada
1990 Rockford, IL
1991 Sturbridge, MA
1993 Louisville, KY
1994 Atlanta, GA
1995 Montebello, Quebec
1996 Asheville, NC
1998 Boyne Mountain, MI

1999 St Louis, MO
2000 Indianapolis, IN
2001 Grand Rapids, MN
2003 Tyson Corners, VA
2004 San Antonio, TX
2005 Winston-Salem, NC
2006 Akron, OH
2007 Burlington, VT
2008 San Diego, CA
2009 Kingston, ON

2010 Galena, IL
2011 Colorado Springs, CO
2012 Louisville, KY
2013 Charlevoix, Quebec
2014 Hot Springs, VA
2015 Gettysburg, PA - Enclave - co-hosted with AHSTC
2016 Cincinnati, OH
2017 Waco, TX
2018 French Lick, IN
2019 Black Hills, SD

International Meets held:

1982 Snowmass, CO
1992 Breckenridge, CO
1997 Park City, UT
2002 Lake Tahoe, NV