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Find missing vin number

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Find missing vin number

I have recently purchased a 100-6. It does not have the original vin number tag. I was moved to another car 20 years ago or so. Supposedly this car has a different engine than original. I have a transmission number. I was told by someone if I have that and the numbers off boot and the bonnet (which I have and they match) that I might be able to get the original number BN6.....). Can someone direct me on what I need to do to make this happen.

your VIN number

the only place your VIN/Chassis number for your BN6 was the aluminum chassis plate that listed the number located on the firewall near the control box that was held in place by two Phillips headed screws; it should read something like: BN6L/0000

If you don't have the plate, then there is nowhere on the car that can help you. The numbers on the boot and bonnet only relate to body number, not the VIN/chassis number. As for the engine, transmission and rear axle (yes, the axle has a number, too), I do not know of a data base that would cross-reference to chassis numbers. As far as one is concerned those 3 major bits may have been replaced over the years. One place to check if it hasn't been removed is the white asbestos heat shield located on the firewall just under the VIN/chassis plate....remove it carefully and see if the plate might be behind it (if the plate was removed).

BJ7 1963

Guys, I really need help here! I purchased a real nice '63 3000 BJ7 and when it was delivered it had no ID plates on the firewall. I purchased it from a dealer. The dealer seems to be honest in that they didn't know the car had no ID plates, but assured me that they knew the owner of the car and that it was a legitimate car and title. They are searching now on where the plates may be and if they can have them reproduced. Can some one help me to understand what the two plates mean and if they can be installed by a dealer. I know the plate that says "Austin" on can be bought, but what about the long thin one on the top..... and what do those numbers correlate to? Is there anywhere else on a 1963 BJ7 where I can find an ID number? HELP! Brian
BJ7 1963

I see so many BJ8s that are missing one or more of their original identity plates, or they have plates that belong to other cars, that I try to publicize to anyone interested in buying a Healey that they really need to verify that the plates are there and are legitimate before buying it. Many dealers have no idea what it is they are selling (and don't care), or whether the car itself matches the VIN on the title.
A blank VIN plate (black and silver) is available and can be stamped to look close enough to original that only an expert can tell the difference. You have to supply the blank plate (Moss Motors has them), but Todd Clarke at can do the stamping (I have no financial interest, but he did do a new plate for my BJ8 since the old one was rather beat up and missing paint. I've seen other repros that are pretty crudely stamped). You have to provide proof that you own the car with the number he is stamping (a copy of the title will do). He can make a new body plate (the "long thin one") from scratch, but you have to tell him what goes on it. You can install the plates yourself, since they are attached to the firewall with only two small screws (originally Posi-Drive, not Philips head).
The VIN plate has the number that is typically used on titles and other paperwork to identify the car (e.g., HBJ7L/XXXXX). The body plate is unique to one car and theoretically could be used to identify it if the VIN plate is lost (assuming the body plate is also original to the car). You can find out the body number that goes with the VIN by ordering a certificate from BMIHT. The body plate also has another number on it (the "batch" number) that is not typically identified on the certificates. If the car was a BJ8, I could tell you what the batch number should be for the body number, but I can't do that for other models.
Healey VIN

I also have a Healey with a missing plate. It was there when it went to the restorer but he lost it. I am also missing the title I have moved 4 times and sold 8 cars since buying the 1959 BN-4 in 1968. The car was titled (and registered) in NC but their DMV says they can't locate it without the VIN, my name and NC address is not enough. I also have the 1969-70 inspection sticker which has a number on it (the restorer saved that). Anybody have any ideas as to what I do now? Ken
Healey VIN

Ken, the VIN of your BN4 was BN4L70687. For details, send me an e-mail.

Missing ID Plates

First thank you for the individuals responding. I'm am huge Healey enthusiast and am trying to determine how I might chase the ID numbers on the thin aluminum plate above the "Austin" Vin plate? It is my understanding that this plate identifies the information about the car.....color, and other specifics relative to this particular car. Can anyone help me identify what the numbers mean on the thin ID Plate?
Missing ID Plates

The bare aluminum plate (unless it has been painted over) in the top center of the firewall is the "body number plate". The first four digits are the "batch number", which is common to a group of cars. The remainder is the body number, which is unique to one car only. The numbers on the body number plate do not have any code for "color" (or any other details) of the car. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in Gaydon, England maintains the original build records for Austin-Healeys. They used to be willing to research a car with the body or engine number only, but according to their website they will not do that anymore. You can check with them to verify (Google "British Motor Industry Heritage Trust"). If you ever make it to England and visit the BMIHT museum and archives, you can (with prior arrangement) research your own car. That used to be much easier than it is now, since the format available to the public has changed.
I keep the BJ8 Registry, and I can tell you there are an unbelievable number of BJ8s out there now with missing plates, or plates from other cars. Whether you can ever get your DMV to correct that or not depends on where you live. Some DMVs are easier to work with than others.

ID plates

I have a 67 3000 with aluminum center plate number 32434bj8 , under that number is 85 712.The other plate looks like it was replaced,it is mounted to the right side and lower then the aluminum center plate, it reads 4bj8 40795. Can anyone help me. Thanks Tom
Re: ID Plates


Is it a "4" or a "H" as in HBJ8 40795? Is there an "L" between the 8 and 4?

Hello -

Hello -

It wouldn't hurt to contact British Motor Heritage - the same place you can get your Heritage Certificate, and give them the numbers off your bonnet / boot lids as well as under the chrome cockpit trim. When I bought my 100-6, it was also missing the VIN plate, however I had an engine number that gave the final word on the ID. However, my Heritage Certificate contains the body & batch numbers that are on the bonnet / boot and cockpit trim so they might be able to reverse engineer the numbers at BMH and get to the bottom of your query. Good luck.

1964 Austin Healey 3000 MK II?

I have had the subject 3000 since 1990 and it has only the engine ID plate. I was told it was a 1964 MK II, but have no papers or other documentation to prove it. I will begin restoration in the next year, but would like some info about the car for myself and DMV to register. The engine I believe is original and the ID plate says: 29K/ RU/H3001. Is there any hope to learn more about this car?