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Funkhana Rules

Funkhanas are supposed to be just that, fun. Safety can easily be overlooked.   Without discouraging any clever ideas for Funkhanas, the safety committee feels a few guidelines are in order.

  1. All drivers and navigators must stay in the car.
  2. Driver at least, should be wearing a seat belt (if the car is equipped).
  3. Same age limits for drivers as gymkhana's.
  4. Keep spectators back at a safe distance.
  5. Paper bags over the driver’s head are not allowed.
  6. The driver’s vision shall not be impaired in any manor at any time that the car is in motion and the motor is running.
  7. Navigators must remain in their seats while the car is in motion violators should be disqualified.

Funkhanas are supposed to be fun, but keep safety and common sense at the top of your list!