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Suggestions for a safe Gymkhana or Autocross

Course Site Choice:
Choose as large of a paved area as possible, preferably without solid objects such as retaining walls, light posts or islands. Too often, however, one or more of these objects will be present and the course must be designed in such a manner for a competing car to pass that object in a straight, relatively safe manner. The course should be set up to offer speed and precision driving. You must keep in mind that you are usually dealing with Sprites and Big Healeys. Always position the course with the fastest portions having the least obstructions; there must be room for the car to spin out safely in this area. The end of the course must always be progressively slower by the use of gates and should end with the car coming to a complete stop.     

Staging Area:
Keep this area a safe distance from the start and finish line, at least 50 feet. Only drivers, mechanics and event workers should be in this area.     

Driver's Meeting:
Have a meeting with all drivers just before the event starts. The best time for the meeting is just before the walk through the course. The following points should be brought up:  

  1. All drivers must sign an insurance waiver and be of legal driving age in the state where the event is being held.
  2. All drivers must have a valid driver's license.
  3. Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs of any kind are allowed during or previous to any driving event. Any driver who even "smells" as though he / she has consumed alcohol will not be allowed to compete.
  4. Drivers must wear a Snell 2500 or equivalent approved helmet, loaners should be available.

Knocking over five or more cones prompts an automatic black flag of that run. All drivers must be reminded that any dangerous or fast driving in the pit area will get them disqualified from competition. Also, if they lose control of the car for any reason on the course, depress the clutch and the brake pedal hard until the car has come to a stop.