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Rally Guidelines

  1. No alcohol will be allowed prior or during a Rally.
  2. Headlights will be on at all times.
  3. Bail-out instructions: map, phone numbers. Instruct participants to call if they are quitting the Rally.
  4. List local emergency numbers: police, fire and rescue.
  5. More than one non- Rally master must run the course prior to the event.
  6. Checkpoint workers must be properly instructed in their responsibilities and located in an area away from traffic.
  7. No lookback questions.
  8. Avoid congested areas as much as possible, if area is congested or unsafe, stress no clues to be found in that stretch.
  9. Insure safe place to park; pull over when needing to stop to get a clue.
  10. Never suggest participants exceed posted speed limits.
  11. No numbers on the windshield, any numbers should be placed on the right headlight (use a dark marker).
  12. Traffic tickets automatically constitute DNF.
  13. Be prepared to send out a sweep vehicle at a pre announced time if all participants have not returned.

Rally Master should rerun the route as close to the start of the rally as possible to check for last minute changes or conditions of the route.