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Rebuilt Engine - Torque Issues - Need advice

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Rebuilt Engine - Torque Issues - Need advice

I have re-built the motor for my 1955 BN-1, Engine # 1B2363 J665 W22.2.5.
Rebuild includes new bearings, all standard crank mains and rods, camshaft and rocker shaft.
The main bearing were torqued to 70 ft-lbs. Connecting rods were torqued to 50 ft-lbs. Bearing were installed with make-up grease.
The problem is, it takes more than 120 ft-lbs or torque to turn the motor over and after the first revolution, it takes 75 ft-lbs to turn the engine over. This is without the plugs installed. The re-built starter will not turn the motor over.

Do you guys have any idea what my problem could be? Sure would appreciate the help.

Dave Linder