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Recomendations for a good mechanic

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Recomendations for a good mechanic

I recently purchased a '65 MKIII. This has been my dream car since my college days but I am in need of a qualified mechanic in the west LA area. I live in Santa Monica, CA. The car is in very good condition but after driving it here from the SF Bay area, it has stopped running and will not start. My local British car shop seems to be completely baffled.

Any recomendations would be appreciated.

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Before good mechanic...

Before going to a mechanic, check the battery kill switch in front of the battery in the trunk. There is a white wire that must be attached to a screw terminal on the switch. If this wire is loose or off, your ignition is dead. This was part of anti-theft in the 60's. Good luck.. Warren Voth
Recommendtions for a good mechanic

The wire from the battery cutoff switch in the boot to the ignition coil is white with a black tracer. If the wire is disconnected from the battery switch, the ignition will NOT be dead, since the ignition coil end of the wire is in a common terminal with the white/black wire from the coil to the distributor. The ignition will still work normally. While at Lake Tahoe in 2002 for the Healey International, my battery switch shorted internally. I was able to disconnect the wire at the switch and drive the car back home to North Carolina. I haven't used the battery switch since.
The purpose of the battery switch is to short the ignition coil to ground when the switch is turned on, and that WILL prevent the ignition from working, thus providing some security from a thief starting the car. The battery switch also has a tendency to short to ground internally when the switch is OFF, and that WILL disable the ignition.

You don't say whether the engine won't turn over at all, or will but just won't start. More detail is needed about the symptoms of the problem.

Transmission in my BT7 is a bit tired.

Looking for a reputable rebuild shop.
Where are you located?

Where are you located?