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restoration shop

So I have started the 2nd restoration on my Bugeye. The 1st one was 20 years ago. I really just want it restored to a solid driver this time, however the body shop I took the bonnet to 6 months ago, is turning it into a museum piece I will be
scared to drive or work on. I've decided to not take the body to this shop, but instead look for a more reasonable
restoration shop that will do a good, but not museum quality restoration. I'm only looking for body work and paint. I'm putting it back together myself. Any recommendations in the Southeast or Mid Atlantic States?
Vintage Restoration LTD

I just had some brake and carb work and they did a good job. I saw many complete restorations in their shop. Give them a call.
Vintage Restorations Ltd
52 North Main Street
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Att: John Tokar
(410) 775-0500

Good luck,