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selling a bugeye and a ton of parts

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selling a bugeye and a ton of parts

This list is not complete but is a start of what I am selling for $5000

Very straight and solid Bugeye tub with title, British Heritage Certificate, (original color was very rare Nevada Beige) photos of it when it was in barn, photos when it went off to be sand blasted

1 stock steering wheel in perfect condition with horn push
multiple steering columns
multiple rear axels, differentials and housings
multiple sets of front and rear brakes
multiple sets of Armstrong front and rear brakes
multiple gas tanks 3 maybe
multiple windshield frames and posts 1959-1964
a couple of 1965- windshields
1 set of aluminum surround trim
multiple sets of head buckets and trim
at least 3 blocks, cranks and internal engine parts
2 running 948 motors complete
multiple sets of distributors maybe 8
multiple starters and generators
multiple generator tach drive adapters
multiple sets of 1 1/8 SU Carbs
multiple sets of 1 1/4 SU Carbs and extra jets and pieces maybe 4-6 sets
mutiple sets of stock Cooper air cleaners 3 or 4 sets
multiple sets of stock twin canister air cleaners for later sprites 3 or 4 sets
front and rear bumpers with brackets
multiple mirrors
multiple original wheels
multiple sets of rear leaf springs
stock exhaust pipe new
stock exhaust pipe original rusty
multiple horns some original stock
aprox 4 ribcage transmissions
aprox 4 smooth case transmissions
1 after market hard top (black)
aprox 10 valve covers stock and 1 aluminum
rear half axels maybe 7
aprox 8 heads 948 and 1275
a couple seat frames and sets of seat rails
interior bits and pieces (door handles grab handles etc)
a few badges and Healey trim pieces
multiple (10 maybe ) gear shift metal boots
a couple of used convertible tops with extra bows and metal trim pieces
a few King Dick jacks and other vintage jacks
aprox 16 stock hub caps

If this is of interest let me know