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1965 AH project

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1965 AH project


I am new to this club. I have a 1965 Austin Healey that was give to me a few years ago. The last time it was registered was in 1988 by a relative. It has not been driven since then. When I got it I pulled the engine since I figured that it would need a rebuild. I have not touched it since, and am in the process if un-burying it in the garage to see what I can do with it.

Any suggestions as to what to look for, where to start, etc would be greatly appreciated. The VIN number on the title is 10CCD AH247 56. Not sure exactly what model it is but looks like an MG.

Thanks in advance.

no replies :(

Thought this would be a helpful site. Sadly, no responses after 3+ months. I will try elsewhere.
1965 Sprite

What you have is an Austin Healey Sprite and you are correct it is the same as an MG Midget (these models were "badge engineered" like Ford & Mercury or Chevy and Pontiac). The number you list is an engine number, not a Vehicle Identification Number. The 10cc designation means that is a late 1098 engine which has the 2 inch diameter main bearing crankshaft. If that is the number listed on the title, someone screwed things up somewhere along the line.

The VIN on a British car is the same as the chassis number. On your car it is located on an aluminum plate about 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, screwed to the left wheel arch valance in the engine compartment. For your model it should be H AN8 L xxxxx. That would mean it is a Mk3 Sprite. It should have external locking door handles, roll up windows and a removable top and top frame.

Let me know what other questions you have.