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Austin-Healey Sprite MKI

Production Dates: 1958-1960
AN5    Open 2 seater; 4 cylinder engine, 948cc, code 9C. Twin 1 1/8” SU carburetors, 4 speed, drum brakes all-round, quarter-elliptic rear springs.  Sliding side curtains. Commonly referred to as Frogeye (UK) or Bugeye (ROW). The Mark I Sprite was the best-selling model of any of the cars bearing the Healey badge.  48,987 were produced and sold by Austin Motor Company between 1958-1960.

Austin-Healey Sprite MKII

Production Dates: 1961-1964
AN6    Open 2 seater; 4 cylinder engine, 948cc. Same as the AN4 except: engine code 9CG,  Twin 1 1/4” SU carburetors, 4 speed transmission. Restyled body, with opening boot lid commonly referred to as Square Body.

AN7    From 1962, same as the AN6 except: with a 1098cc engine, code 10CG, front disc brakes, and stronger wheels.

Austin-Healey Sprite MKIII

Production Dates: 1964-1966
AN8    Same as AN7 except: engine 1098 cc, code 10cc, main crankshaft bearings increased to 2 ", Rear springs now semi-elliptic  roll-up windows, exterior door handles, and padded dash.  Last of the roadsters.  

Austin-Healey Sprite MKIV

Production Dates: 1966-1969
AN9    Same as AN8 except: engine 1275cc, code 12CC.  Rear seating area enlarged. Top now attached to the car making it a convertible. After 1969 minor cosmetic changes.