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Driving Award

Donald Healey, who drove across North America in a BN-2, stated that these cars were meant to be driven then raced. AHCA is a club that drives their cars and is proud to present the Driving Award to members who clock 2000, 4000, 6000 and 8000+ mile trips.  

Two of the "General Objectives" in the "By-laws" of the "Austin Healey Club of America" are:

  • The enjoyment and sharing of good will and fellowship engendered by owning an Austin Healey automobile.
  • The maintenance of the highest standards of operation and performance of the marque.

Many awards are being given to members for "Concours cars", "Popularity cars", "Healey Photos", "Fastest car", but there is one "Healey person and event" that we forget in our club. This person and car are called "Drivers".

Even Donald Healey, who drove across North America in a BN-2, stated that these cars were meant to be driven then raced.

AHCA has established an award be presented to Healey drivers and navigators who can substantiate driving his/her Healey as follows:

  • 2000 mile trip : Bronze driving award
  • 4000 mile trip : Silver driving award
  • 6000 mile trip : Gold driving award
  • 8000 mile trip : Platinum driving award

This would include all mileage for one trip. Any driver who qualifies twice for a bronze award would then be granted a silver award and hence two silver awards for a gold and 2 gold awards for a platinum award. Such a trip should be a proof of the highest standards of operation and maintenance of a Healey. If on average, 10 people see your Healey every mile, a 3,000 mile trip represents 30,000 people who have a look at this great car.

Application forms are available for download. The recipients should fill in the description of the trip and have it certified by President of the Club or by your Delegate At Large if you are not a member of a local club. A certificate will be issued along with a T-shirt.

Driving Award Committee Members:

Bonnie Ayer

Home page for safety

Safety and Driving Events Standards:

These standards have been drawn up to help all chapters conduct a safe and fun gymkhana. Gymkhanas and autocrosses can be an enjoyable way to have some friendly competition and really get the old adrenalin pumping without damaging your Healeys or each other.

It is important that everyone be as safety minded as possible. Whoever is coordinating an event for your club should review and adhere to these rules. These Safety Guidelines can't help your club if they don't get to the people that are responsible for your driving events.

Our current insurance company, J. C. Taylor, allows us to hold gymkhanas with no additional costs to participants. But we must make every effort to keep a clean record with our carrier.

So........ get out your stopwatches and pylons and head for the biggest parking lot you can find and have some fun!

Don Klein Vice President, Safety and Driving Events