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Ben Moore | Published on 10/28/2018

There is a tradition in Formula 1 racing where the drivers tour the track, before the race, to be presented to the race fans at the circuit. The practice has evolved over the decades, but almost 20 years ago Roger Hamel and the Quebec Austin-Healey Club revived the practice as it was done in the 1950s. Each year since 2001, the Quebec club has provided Healeys and drivers for the Parade des Pilotes – the drivers’ parade – at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montréal, chauffeuring the Formula 1 drivers around the circuit in big Healeys. It is an experience with few equals as those chosen for the assignment drive a big Healey around the circuit with a Grand Prix driver riding and waving to the 120,000 race fans on hand. The event is also televised, meaning that the Healeys and their drivers appear before millions of race fans worldwide.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Roger and the Quebec club, as an AHCA member you have the exclusive opportunity to bid on the privilege of participating in this unique and spectacular event where you will meet Formula 1 drivers, take one of them around the track at slow speed for the drivers’ parade, receive an official Formula 1 shirt, and attend the entire Canadian Grand Prix with preferred parking on race day for the Healeys. The race is tentatively scheduled the second weekend in June 2022.. You cannot buy this privilege, but you may bid on it. Everyone who has done this has come back with incomparable memories of a lifetime. Will you drive at the next Canadian Grand Prix?

The auction for this fabulous experience will occur at the AHCA’s Fall Delegates Meeting this November.
You may attend in person to bid or you may designate someone attending the Delegates Meeting to be your proxy to bid for you.

The winning bidder does not pay until the event contract is signed in April 2022. Proceeds will be divided between the Quebec AH Club and the DMH Memorial Fund.

The winning bidder is responsible for their travel to and from Montréal, lodging while in Montréal (figure a minimum of three nights), all meals, and bringing a big Healey.

Questions about auction procedures? Contact Gary Feldman: