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fog lamps 1960

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fog lamps 1960

What model fog lamps did the factory ship with cars based on 1960, MK1 3000 BN7

Lucas model ?



The correct answer is none. The factory did not install fog lamps on finished models. The Donald Healey Company may have installed fog lamps on cars modified or delivered to their firm. The common available fog lamps of the period would be LUCAS SFT576 fog lamps, 5 3/4" round lamps available either in amber or clear lens. The other period lamp would be LUCAS SFT700 fog lamps, 7" round lamps available either in amber or clear lens. Other LUCAS lamps would be the "Fog Ranger" series normally found on Jaguar Mk2 sedans, and FT7 amber fog lamps found on other cars. A French made lamp by Marchal 570/680 series lamps, 5 3/4" round lamps normally in amber lenses. LUCAS made a toggle switch and mounting plates as an aftermarket product. The switch is in common with other British cars while the mounting plates could be had with holes for one, two, or three switches made from white plastic and black facing. Most Big Healeys with fog /driving lamps are usually mounted on badge bars (again, an aftermarket product available from Moss Motors and Victoria British). Right now, you can get new LUCAS SFT576 lamps from Moss Motors or Victoria British.
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You are wealth of great information, thank you. My goal is to as period as correct as possible. Also, like the looks of the fog lamps. I have a mounting bar for the front and see the fog lamps that Moss has. again, appreciate the knowledge share.