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Looking for 1954 or 1955 100-4

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Looking for 1954 or 1955 100-4

Hello, I just joined as I am looking for an 1954 or 1955 Austin Healey 100-4. My father in failing health had one when he was younger and always reminisced about it. As a tribute I am looking for either a solid running (in need of some love) or full project to work on. We worked on project cars as I grew up and would like this model of Austin Healey specifically that I can work on and customize in honor of my father. I am based in Southern California but am open to cars located around the country - depending on price etc.

I am not in a huge hurry, but wanted to get the search started for the right car.

thank you in advance.

Austin Healey 100-4

I have several 100-4 from $ 16000 to $ 44500
Please call 386-314-9010
Greetings, Harold